Knit Purl Knit 100 Things

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Okay....The 100 Things About Me List (#81-100)

81. At 5'6", I am one of the tallest women in my family.

82. This is a helluva lot harder than I thought.

83. My all-time fave celebrity guys include: Michael Palin (Monty Python), Michael Nesmith (the Monkees), David Cross (Mr. Show with Bob and David), Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall) and Mel Brooks (duh!).

84. I know when someone truly knows who I am inside when they call me a "smart-ass" for the first time.

85. I have paid off two cars completely.

86. I will absolutely eat Hidden Valley Ranch Dip (made with sour cream) and carrots until I burst.

87. I also love true peppermint ice cream.

88. If you take mine and my brothers' middle initials and place them in our proper birth order, they are my father's initials (D.L.S.). And no, my mom did not do this on purpose.

89. My grandmother loves to weave a fanciful yarn that I was named Casey because if she had had another daughter, her name would have been Casey. (Casey is also my grandmother's maiden name.) My mother actually named me after a "beautiful" lesbian who was decapitated in the movie, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. (Thank you, Roger Ebert.) I do not let my mother forget this, because she did do this on purpose.

90. When I was 16, I was drum-major for my high school band and also selected to participate in the National Science Foundation's Young Scholar's Program.

91. I have been wearing eye-glasses since I was 10 years old.

92. When I was little, my hair was so long that I would sit on it accidently.

93. Also, when I was little, my hair was so long it got caught in the drum of a water cooler (we didn't have airconditioning) and slammed my head into the supports. The motor started to burn out. My dad ripped the insides loose in order to free me because he didn't want to have to cut my hair. I had a knot on the top of my head from the point of contact for-ever.

94. I am severly scarred on the upper front of my body from complications from being ill in my late teens and early twenties. No one believed I was sick. But then came the surgery.

95. Sorry this has taked a downer. How's bout this? I've touched and petted a real live rattlesnake. She was "tubed" at the time.

96. Babies and animals that I don't know seem to be drawn to me at stores, parks, zoos and other places like that. Babies will babble and wave at me and animals will come right up to me. It makes me me feel good.

97. If I had my dream job, it would be to take photographs of wild animals in their natural habitats all over the world.

98. The expired milk I have in my fridge right now has taken on a life of its own. I am soooooooo afraid to open the door anymore.

99. I wear size 7 to 8.5 in flat shoes (like sneakers, loafers) and size 8 to 9.5 in high heels. Go fat feet.

100. Everyone will be shocked if I actually complete this list. At all.